Attention: Family and Professional Caregivers

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"Would You Like to Exchange Being Overwhelmed for Making Clear Decisions? 
Would You Like to Have More Joy and Abundance in Your Life?"

The Sacred Journey of Caregiving-A Transformational Approach to Life is a 'real life' approach to caregiving that will literally transform every area of your life and thus, greatly improve the quality of life for those you are taking care of!
In fact, it's a guaranteed return of your sanity!
Sandra W. Haymon, Ph.D.
Do You Feel Over- whelmed, Guilty,
Angry, Lonely, Hurt, Secretly Terrified  in Your Role of Caregiver?
Would You Like toGet Off the Emotional Roller Coaster of Caregiving, and Exchange Being Overwhelmed for Making Clear Decisions?

Dr. Haymon will teach you exactly how to do this in her incredible & unique presentation.  

Who should attend?
Anyone who:

Is the 'designated caregiver' for an elderly parent, grandparent, spouse, or friend.

Feels overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, and tired in their role as caregiver.

Is afraid of not making the 'right' caregiver decisions.

Questions their judgment, and feels 'guilty' no matter what they decide to do in their caregiver role.

Feels lonely and thinks no one understands what they're going through.

Feels torn between spending time with their spouse or their children, and attending to the needs of their parents or others for whom they provide care.

Feels confused about different levels of care, medical advance directives, living arrangements, and other aspects of elder care.

Is ready to get off the emotional roller coaster of caregiving.

Is ready to exchange being overwhelmed for making clear decisions.

Is ready for more joy and abundance in their life.

If you fit into any of these categories,The Sacred Journey of Caregiving-A Transformational Approach to Life, is your answer-now!

Dr. Sandra W. Haymon, Caregiver Guru, licensed psychologist & author is America's #1 expert on elder care and on transforming lives. 

Dr. Haymon teaches you exactly how to get off the emotional roller coaster of caregiving, how to exchange being overwhelmed for making clear decisions, and how to have more joy and abundance in your life. 

We guarantee that the skills she teaches you in her incredible and unique presentation will transform all areas of your life--not just in your role of family or professional caregiver.

Dr. Haymon's visionary book My Turn Caring for Aging Parents & Other Elderly Loved Ones-A Daughter's Perspective (1996) was the very first book ever published in the U.S. on caring for elderly parents. 

Her latest book Baby Boomers— Sandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving has now been released to wide acclaim. 
***Natioal Association of Professional Women
***American Society on Aging
***Cambridge Who's Who
***Who's Who of American Women
***Outstanding Young Women in America
***Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges

Dr. Sandra W. Haymon
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Two of the Most Valuable Caregivers' Resources:

1) The Caregiver's Emotional Quiz
100 Emotions Common to Caregivers & How to Feel Good About All of Them. 
 2) The Elderly Red Flag Checklist
117 Warning Signs That Individuals May
Not be Safe Living Alone  

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The Sacred Journey of Caregiving-A Transformational Approach to Life
is a MUST for Family and Professional caregivers (RNs, LPNs, CNPs, CNAs, Rehab. therapists...), as well as management, staff & volunteers working in hospitals & elder care facilities, psychologists, social workers, certified professional counselors, estate and financial planners, long-term care insurance agents, and everyone who may ever be a caregiver, or may ever need a caregiver

"Unbelievable!! Phenomenal!! I could go on and on with adjectives to describe Dr. Haymon's marvelous lecture. Dr. Haymon is the most effective speaker I have ever heard."

Shari Taylor, Educator Coordinator, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital, Dothan, AL.

"Dr. Haymon's ability to have her audience wiping tears from their eyes and in the next breath have them laughing was just amazing!"
JoAnne Beasley, RN, Asst. Director of Nursing, Pelham Parkway Nursing Home, Pelham, GA.

"Thank you for participating in our 39th. Annual Conference in Savannah. Never in the history of our 39 years have we received such high evaluations for a speaker."
Jayne Hendley, President of Council on Auxiliaries/Volunteers of the Georgia Hospital Association.

"Dr. Haymon's presentation was rated SUPERIOR in every category. Her value and contribution are undeniable. She  truly is a special resource."
James E. Hennessey, Ph.D., Intern Training Coordinator, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

"Dr Haymon is the most dynamic speaker, the most incredible teacher, and the most compassionate person I have ever met!"
Patricia Rubino-Brunetti, Vice President, Valley View Packing Co., San Jose, CA

"Approximately 600 people attended the Southeast Hospital Conference and were privileged to hear Dr. Sandra Haymon. The way she was able to connect with every person- individually-was truly amazing!"
Martha C. Taylor, Dir. of Volunteer Services, Newton General Hospital, Covington, GA

"Dr. Haymon blends insights acquired from her own life experiences as a caregiver with knowledge gained from her meticulous research as a professional psychologist into an amazing presentation!"

Gary W. Peterson, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

"Dr. Haymon's personal trials are transformed to empower others as they face this most difficult & challenging time in their lives."
Brenda Y. Crawford, LPC,CEAP, Coordinator, Civilian Employee Assistance Program, Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, GA